Packing & Storage Covid-19 Lockdown Service

Pack and store all your stuff until you can return where you need to during Covid-19.

We'll get it all sorted out for you⭐ Get all your storaged stuff one-click-away with our free online photo catalogue!

Shall we make some room?

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We collect everything, so you do not lift a finger

We collect all your stuff where you and when you tell us. Relax, and let us do the heavy work.

The safety and care your things deserve

Our team kindly keeps your things in our storage installations of maximum security, guarded 24 h. any extra.


Never forget what you have in storage

Get an online catalogue (private, of course), so you will never lose anything again and also ask back the items you need.


We get your stuff back when and where you tell us

Select the items you need back and we will bring them to you quickly when and where needed. Just relax.

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Contact us ⭐

Our gents will help you select the best plan so that you only pay for the actual space used.

Foto Operarios

Save time, money and hard work

We collect, storage and deliver back your stuff. Our goal is to make your life easier and more comfortable. 

Foto Movil

You've got he power ☝🏼

Manage all your articles online through our photo catalogue and ask back whatever you need. All your stuff only one-click-away! 

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